Kris Boss is described by his peers as a hard-working artist with the potential to become one of Hip-Hop’s finest. Kris is recognized as a prolific lyricist, with a flow and cadence that is fresh and unmistakable. “My words, the rhymes­­­ -- they just start coming. They keep on coming and coming until I just have to write them down. My music is always with me”. His debut single, “Too Heavy”, is set for release in early 2020 on the Dallas/Ft. Worth-based label, King Cartel Music Group, LLC.


“Too Heavy” was written by Kris Boss and produced by Dirty Child Rant. Kris explains what the song is about. “Too Heavy” is really just a message to the opposition. I explain the contrasts between them and myself while expressing my anxiousness to go mainstream in the music business. I believe that I have a lot to offer the universe through music. I just thank the KING for making me a King and giving me the wings to soar over the vermin".


He was born in El Paso, TX, and his family moved to Dallas/Ft Worth when Kris was in his teens. His dearest family has had the greatest influence on him and his dreams. “Both my mother and grandmother inspire me. They have both overcome so many obstacles, yet they continue to thrive”. He has been inspired by some of Hip-Hop’s greatest artists. “Young Bleed has always encouraged me to keep doing music till I run out of love for it”.


Founder and CEO of King Cartel Music Group, LLC, Loaded Carleone, has high expectations for Kris. "Kris Boss is one of the most talented artists I have ever heard.  He is a lyricist who can stand the test of time. I see him becoming a legend in Hip-Hop".


Kris is ready to make his mark on the music industry in grand fashion with songs that entertain and lyrics that catch your attention and make you want to hear more. Kris believes that music is an art form. ”I intend to relate to the listener in such a way that it inspires them to do what they love, and to continue to enjoy life.”



Contact: Loaded Carleone

King Cartel Music Group, LLC


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Contact: Loaded Carleone

King Cartel Music Group, LLC





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